This article discusses how autism causes anxiety among children who have this condition and stress to their parents who are trying to cope with their children's needs.

Living With Christopher

Living With ChristopherMark Haddon wrote a marvelous book that became a bestseller and won both the Whitbread Book of the Year and Whitbread Novel awards. It was said that Mark Haddon himself exclaimed, Who on Earth would want to read about a fifteen-year-old boy with a disability?, while he was making this book. Little did he know that it was exactly the fifteen-year-old boy with a disability that made his book stand out, win awards and become a bestseller. The book is called, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time and the boy is Christopher. Christopher is an autistic-savant. He can name all the countries in the world and their capitals. He has a photographic memory and a genius in math and science. Despite of his unusual intelligence, he cannot imagine, understand figures of speech and relate to jokes. He also does not like places with a lot of people and people touching him. People who are autistic-savants exhibit both characteristics common among those with autism and those with Savant Syndrome. Autism is one developmental disorder among the group of Autism Spectrum Disorders. This condition is mainly characterized by impairment in socialization, imagination and communication. Savant Syndrome is characterized by very low general intelligence but extraordinary narrow intelligence usually in the fields of mathematics, music, art and memorization.In the story, Christopher's parents are separated. His mother decided to leave Christopher and his father because she cannot cope anymore with the demands of having an autistic child. Parents who take care of special children such as those with autism may probably have a higher stress level compared to most parents. This is mainly because their children have special demands, unusual behaviors and different abilities compared to other kids of the same age. These children will most likely find it difficult to communicate, thus, resulting to unusual reactions. An example of this is when an autistic child cries for no apparent reason and begins hitting himself or herself. Most likely, something has caused him or her to feel upset but cannot convey what it is because he or she does not know how. Some autistic children with sensory integration problems may either be hypersensitive or hyposensitive to touch, pressure, movement and sound. They will show certain behaviors that are sometimes difficult to understand such as avoidance of certain types of food and drinks, pinching or hitting, repetitive movements and screaming. Some of them can also exhibit strong adherence to certain routines and fear of new places or people. To accommodate the needs and cope with the behaviors of these children is not easy and, therefore, can result to a lot of stress.Autism can greatly limit a child's world. They thrive in security and anything they perceive as a threat to their security should be avoided. However, a lot of factors, situations and demands of society make them insecure and being forced to deal with these makes them very anxious most of the time. Unconsciously and unintentionally, children with autism have a constant feeling of anxiety to anything that is new or foreign to their understanding. Just like in the book, when Christopher had to go beyond the area of the town that is familiar with him, he felt physically sick and afraid. Unlike most children, those with autism cannot easily adapt to new environment or situations. The process of learning to understand and accept what is previously unknown to them results to a higher level of anxiety.Despite what seems to be a difficult task of adapting and coping with autistic children, a lot has already been studied and published regarding proper management that will not only lessen the children's anxiety but also their parents' stress. Certain methods such as Cognitive Behavior Modification, Behavior Modification Techniques and Environmental Modification Techniques had been proven effective in changing the inappropriate behaviors and improving the learning skills of children with autism. Some, having compounding conditions other than autism, may need additional treatment as advised by the doctors. Autistic children who also have manic depression due to their unhappiness with being involuntarily trapped in their self-protecting behaviors may need more therapy than what was mentioned earlier. Consulting a psychiatrist is highly advisable in this situation and other medications may be prescribed. Christopher's story ended with him being able to overcome challenges that have caused him too much anxiety and his mother deciding to return to take care of him. Just like in this fictional novel, the same can be achieved in real life in terms of dealing with stress and anxiety among families who need to cope with the condition. Through proper management, medication or treatment, stress and anxiety among parents and autistic children can be addressed effectively.

The Sexual Problem That Is Paraphilia

The Sexual Problem That Is Paraphilia

Sexual health problems, dysfunction, or disorder is a condition wherein a person experiences difficulty during any stage of the sexual act that prevents a him from enjoying sexual activity. The sexual act includes desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. There are a lot of different emotional and physical causes which may contribute to a person developing a sexual problem or disorder. The emotional factors may be: interpersonal problems such as relationship issues, or a lack of trust and communication between sexual partners; and/or psychological problems like depression, sexual fears or guilt, and previous sexual trauma. Physical causes may include: the use of controlled substances such as narcotics and alcohol; injuries to the back, enlarged prostate glands, blood supply problems, and/or nerve damage; diseases and organ disorders.One of these sexual disorders is paraphilia. It describes a family of persistent, intense fantasies, abnormal urges, or behaviors involving sexual arousal to anything out of the ordinary. Here are some of the most common paraphilias experienced by common people:lFetishism. It is the sexual attraction to material and terrestrial objects even if in reality, the essence of the object is inanimate and sexless.Transvestic fetishism. It is a form of sexual fetish that involves wearing clothes of the opposite gender.Partialism. A person with this form of paraphilia gets sexually excited from non-sexual parts of the body.lPedophilia. This is the sexual attraction to children sixteen years old and below.lExhibitionism. This is the recurrent urge or behavior to expose one's genitals to or performing sexual acts in view of an unsuspecting person or in a public place. It is also called flashing, and the Lady Godiva syndrome.lSexual masochism. A masochist obtains sexual excitement from being humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer.lSexual sadism. A sadist finds it sexually arousing to be involved in acts of inflicting pain or humiliation onto another person.lFrotteurism. A person with this condition gains sexual gratification by touching or rubbing against a non-consenting person. It usually involves the hands and the genitalslVoyeurism. It is a practice wherein a person derives sexual pleasure from observing other people. The people being observed may be engaged in sexual acts, or be nude or in their underwear, whichever way the voyeur or the watcher finds appealing.lScatologia. This is the act of getting sexual arousal by making obscene phone calls to random people.lNecrophilia. Also called thanatophilia and necrolagnia, is defined by a sexual attraction to corpses.lZoophilia. It is decribed as an affinity or sexual attraction of a human being to an animal. This condition is also known as bestiality and zoosexuality.lCoprophilia. More commonly known as scat, this paraphilia is defined by obtaining sexual gratification from feces.lKlismaphilia. It is a paraphilia of deriving sexual pleasure from having enemas. It is sometimes regarded as a form of anal masturbation, and is often connected to a fetish for spanking, anal play, and diapers.lUrolagnia. Also called urophilia or undinism, it is a sexual fetish wherein participants get their sexual pleasure from urine and the act of urinating. People with urolagnia often like to urinate in public, urinate on, or be urinated on by other people.lEmetophilia. It is a sexual fetish wherein the individual is aroused and stimulated by vomiting or watching other people vomit. Depending on the extent of a person's sexual preference, it is often difficult for people surrounding a paraphiliac to understand how the person behaves. They are often bombarded with feelings of contempt and anger, depending on the number of times the paraphiliac has gotten into confrontations with other. However we must always keep in mind that these people are mentally challenged and may still be salvaged. With proper psychological help and adequate support, they might get over this hurdle and lead normal lives.

Use Hoodia Gordonii to Lose Weight Naturally

Use Hoodia Gordonii to Lose Weight Naturally

There are huge demands for diet pills these days due to growing number of obesity or overweight. One of the known diet pills nowadays is hoodia gordonii.Yes, there are lots of obese and overweight these days, due to plenty of delicious foods available, people eat too much and neglect their weight until they finally realizes that they need to lose weight. Definitely, you need to lose weight since obesity or overweight can bring other complications or illnesses that can harm you and your health. So before it happens, better to do something and lose your weight before it is too late.The hottest diet product these days is hoodia gordonii since there are heaps of dieters who use hoodia gordonii and claims that hoodia gordonii is truly effective and safe to use. For those who are wondering what hoodia gordonii is and where it came from. Hoodia gordonii is a cactus like plant found in Kalahri Desert of South Africa. This plant takes about 5 to 7 years before it matures. It is cucumber looking plant with a bitter taste. It is not that easy to grow and pick hoodia gordonii in South Africa, it takes a certification to do so. But way back, natives used this plant when for centuries, they used it when they are out for hunting, they chewed it to suppress their hunger and thirst. It was part of their daily lives, the taste doesnt matter, what really matters was that it eliminates the curb for food. Few years ago, research was done with this plant. Scientists found an active molecule in hoodia godonii can was called as p57. This molecule is the one that suppress the appetite of the one using it since it tricks the mind by telling that you have eaten and full even if not. Actually, there were lots of test made about this plant. There was also a test conducted with the used of two groups of obese people. The first group was given hoodia gordonii and the other with placebo. The group who too hoodia gordonii, eat less and they loses about 1000 calories per day. So they found out that hoodia gordonii is an effective diet product. So for those who want to lose weight effectively and naturally, take hoodia gordonii. But be careful though, since there are products that claim to have hoodia gordonii ingredients but it is not true. So be alert in finding the real hoodia gordonii. It is wiser to purchase hoodia gordonii with a reliable and trustworthy company. The company should possess certifications that can guarantee that the company is selling real hoodia gordonii product.It is recommended to associate taking hoodia gordonii with proper exercises and eating healthy foods. Eat foods with proper nutrients needed by the body. Give few of your spare time daily in doing exercising.

The Bullish Search For Generic Viagra

The Bullish Search For Generic Viagra

Chris Hart stood with the other runners. He was ready to show his bravery on the streets of Pamplona in Spain. He planned to participate in the 2007 running of the bulls.

Chris heard the hooves pounding on the pavement even before he could see the bulls rounding the corner. Chris ran as fast as he could. For a while Chris managed to stay ahead of the stampeding bulls. Then suddenly he had been pushed off to the side. A bull had come up to him and had started to ram its horns into Chris leg.

For a while Chris thought that he might return to the United States in a casket. Then the bull noticed a passing runner, and set off after that more upright dasher. Chris watched to see what others were doing. He finally figured out how he could get to a hospital and have his leg examined.

On the way to the hospital, Chris felt anything but brave and courageous. He felt foolish. He had wanted to do something daring, so that he could brag about how brave he was. Chris felt compelled to show women his bravery, because he often disappointed women when in the bedroom. He would have trouble obtaining an erection.

What Chris really needed was a bottle of Generic Viagra or a container of Generic Cialis. Since Chris had not found a way to find low cost ED pills, he had decided to try disguising his problem. Chris had hoped that his ability to demonstrate his bravery could cover-up his need for ED pills, pills that he had not yet managed to buy.

In the hospital waiting room Chris sat in sullen silence. As Chris sat there steaming, feeling very mad at himself, he suddenly heard someone speaking English. Chris looked up to see who had chosen to speak a language that made Chris feel homesick.

Chris could see someone talking on a cell phone. Chris usually tried not to listen-in on cell phone conversations, but something this caller said caught Chris ear. The caller uttered these words: "Can you send me more of that generic Viagra?"

Chris quietly changed seats, moving over close to the man with the cell phone. While Chris struggled with arriving at a way to start a conversation, a voice said, "I see that a bull put his horns in your leg."

Chris looked-up. The man with the cell phone had begun the conversation that Chris had wanted to have. Chris quickly responded to the mans comments. "Yes, it really dug into me," he said.

Then Chris leaned a bit closer to the man with the cell phone. "I heard you asking for generic Viagra," Chris said. "Do you have a supplier here in Spain?"

The man offered Chris a business card. On it Chris could read the address for a web site. Seeing that information, Chris asked, "Can I to here for generic Cialis too?"

"Yes," said the cell phone owner. "If you have a credit card, you can order generic Cialis and generic Viagra from this web site."

"Thanks a lot," said Chris. "Now my leg does not seem to hurt quit so much."

Effects of Over-training on Male and Female Sexual Health

Over-training has become a common practice nowadays. Many people workout because they want to gain muscle, lose some weight, and achieve the physique that they have been dreaming off. These individuals are often in such a hurry to achieve their ideal physique that they forget to follow fitness safety guidelines. Many athletes who over-train exercise for about six hours a day --- a length of time that is considered to be excessive. These individuals do not realize that over-training may do more harm than good. Too much or too intense training may lead to injuries, low testosterone levels among men and amenorrhea in women. Some medical studies suggest that over-training may cause a temporary decrease in testosterone levels. Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone which plays an important role in libido, immune function, energy, and many more. This hormone is essential for the development of male sex and reproductive organs like the penis, testicles, and the prostate. Low levels of testosterone may cause a problem to many men. A temporary reduction in sperm count and quality which may lead to temporary infertility may also be experienced by men who over-train. This happens because the body literally kills itself during training and needs time to recuperate to build muscles and improve the body. Too much or too intense physical activity may reduce the level of hormones in the bloodstream and therefore affect sperm production. The decrease in these components is temporary and may return to normal after a few days of rest. Women who engage in over-training are at risk of many health problems like amenorrhea, a term that refers to the absence of menstrual periods. This is experienced by women because of extremely low body fat content. Missed menstruation is often linked to decreased estrogen (primary female sex hormone) levels. Several medical studies show that amenorrheic women, and those who have body fats below 10% of the ideal measure may have a hard time getting pregnant. In addition to this, amenorrhea may also lead to osteoporosis, an ailment which decreases bone density, making the bones vulnerable to fracture and other injuries. Bones usually become brittle when people are much older, but some young women, especially the ones who experience amenorrhea develop brittle bones at a very young age.Signs and symptoms of over-training may include the following: missed or irregular menstrual periods extreme thinness extreme or rapid weight loss behaviors that reflect frequent like eating very little, not eating in front of others, and focus on low-calorie food frequent and intense exercising (taking aerobics class followed by a five mile run, swimming for long hours, and weight-lifting an I can't miss a day of workout attitude anxious preoccupation with injuries exercising despite illness, bad weather, injury and other conditions that may require resting too much self-criticism or self-dissatisfaction extreme anxiety and low self-esteem fatigue sleep difficulties feeling cold most of the time constant conversations about weight If these signs are experienced, it is important to make adjustments in ones exercise routine and eating regimen. Exercising in moderation and reducing the intensity from time to time, coupled with healthy diets may help prevent the adverse effects of over-training. For women, it is also best to seek advice from one's doctor to make sure that one's missed periods is not a sign of over-training. Individuals who want to lose weight properly are encouraged to consult doctors and other health professionals for advice. Understanding the proper workout regimen, and including a healthy diet in one's lifestyle may lead to improved health and overall well-being.

A Controversial Solution to Babies Having Babies

The birth control pill, also known as an oral contraceptive or simply referred to as The Pill, is hailed as one of the most important innovations in women's health. Before the advent of the Pill, many women were forced to endure multiple pregnancies, having no reliable way of preventing conception. Some women died from giving birth because their bodies were too weak or too exhausted to carry another child to term, or gave birth to malformed children. After her mother's death from birthing her eleventh sibling, nineteen year old Margaret Sanger became a nurse and advocate for the development of contraceptives for women. She later found an ally in Katherine McCormick, the wealthy widow of an inventor who funded the research for the creation of the "birth control pill" . Gregory Pincus, an American doctor and researcher had been studying hormonal biology and steroidal hormones, saw the role that hormones played in the conception of rabbits. With the financial backing from McCormick and Sanger, Pincus approached pharmaceutical company Searle to help them develop the birth control pill. Although Searle declined in the beginning, largely because of the austere birth control laws of the day, an accidental discovery by one of his scientists coupled with Pincus's research led the pharmaceutical company into production of the first oral contraceptive for women. In 1960, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Enovid, the first birth control pill. It was later found that Enovid caused terrible side effects, mostly because the dosage at the time was about ten times higher than was needed. Today, after continuous research and development, women now have the birth control pill and other contraceptive drugs and devices to choose from to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is a long way from the stifling laws in place from 1873 to 1965, when the Comstock laws deemed contraception as illegal. As society becomes increasingly permissive and open about sexual matters, the barrier between what is liberal and what is possibly immoral is constantly being challenged and often bewcomes the subject of heated debate.One such moral debate is currently underway. A decision made by officials from King Middle School in Portland, Maine has sparked a national debate in the United States. The controversy stems from their resolve to offer a full range of contraception, including birth control pills, to students aged from eleven to fifteen belonging to grades six to eight. This extends the range of contraception available to students in this age group who previously had access only to condoms from the local sexual health clinics. Although they will need parental consent to use the city-run health care clinic, the students will now be able to obtain prescriptions for birth control pills and other forms of contraception without their parents finding out. This comes after a request from the school's health center to make the pills available to children of high school age who were still attending middle school. But many protest that these children are simply too young to have free access to such forms of birth control, and fear that this will lead children to think that having sex at such a young age is correct. But advocates of the decision say that they would rather give children these options than see a twelve year old become pregnant, citing the rising number of teenage mothers in the United States. Nationwide, one study showed more than 17,000 pregnancies for girls 14 or younger. Besides, advocates contend, the children will receive extensive counseling before being given the prescription. The idea of making birth control pills available to that particular age group is not to promote promiscuity but to keep students safe, and in school. Many children who don't have a strong parental advocate at home need someone they can turn to and trust to answer questions regarding their sexuality at a time when they are constantly bombarded with sexually suggestive images. In the end, whether one is for or against the scheme, it is important to strike an appropriate balance between addressing the growing problem of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and upholding a moral standard for all students. People must recognize the significant role that parents and other family should play in educating children about sex and its consequences.


This article discusses how autism causes anxiety among children who have this condition and stress to their parents who are trying to cope with their children's needs.